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Smokehouse, greenhouse, fog, plants, artificial pants, 2017

Amidst rampant West Coast wildfires and a pending threat of nuclear war, this work was made. This installation was part of a two-person pop-up show at Furthermore Space, October 2017 in Portland, OR.

Film images by Ali Gradischer.



In Conversation with Alex Luboff, Eliot Park and Arron DeLanty


…And really investigate my personal confusion with it, and lately the political scene outside of just that has been a total mind fuck, which isn’t a word I would use in my statement, but I’m digging into those fears a little bit more directly


…the ant farm of following and how we create a voice out of the fog


… the survival of plants in these isolated home environments but also the survival of humanity in these fucked up political times




…commentary about the world but some basic ideas of objects, how objects gain meaning as expressions of history, or neurosis, or physical representations of time, and also representations of identity and uh.. and I think in some ways resistance to modernism even though it doesn’t attempt to be baroque or anything


…there’s something about like collecting shit that is just about seeing potential in stuff, and that in itself is seen as problematic among my immediate friends and family


…we learn to restructure value for ourselves


…and then one day I need a Minnie Mouse costume and BAM there it is!


…I have very mixed feelings about all of this


…in a sense, I like liking stuff. In another sense. It can bury you. You know? It can lead to stagnation or obsession. I think when people see hoarders they feel the anxiety of compulsion


…once I had a house burned down and lost everything. And it was great. Y’know? Liberation from objects


…Stuff can be a connection to time and being in a place. But also, it is probably more about how you interact with your community on daily basis than the shit you have.


…we’re going in blind and feel our way through this.


…do you have a wobbly opinion on collecting?

…[long pause]


… I think that wobbliness makes me think about complexity.


…or you’re rich so you don’t need stuff ‘cause you can replace it all the time, or you’re poor so you hoard stuff ‘cause you need to survive


…I think slowly so it takes me awhile


…we’ve become so artificial that we need something tactile


…are we collecting because we’re trying to find value in objects safety in objects and/or prepare for something?


…what’s up with that side of collecting? Like my trophy wives and my gold watches


…how do we reclaim some of our identity as it relates to the natural world?


…I have so much shit at my house.


…Gimme some of that old stuff.


…To me, it’s been a simple homage to labor


…they’re also just really cool


…and hands, it’s just a lot about hands


…and how forgotten those hands are. Its more about hands


…the new line of beanie baby versus, like, you discovering these little treasures that you’ve come across.


…It’s this moment of pause, excitement, and discovery


…the resistance of art as a way of life y’know? And finding inspiration in weird everyday places and thinking whatever we thought we were doing


…it’s the hunt that I love!


…I love going there and just looking at the stuff


…is it actively constantly seeking these objects or is it passive?


…there’s a moment of feeling…


…that’s a good one

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