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The word botany can be traced back to a Greek word βόσκειν - to feed, or to graze. As women, we are taught to feed others, not ourselves. Grazing is seen as a bad habit, and growth is accepted as a spiritual term, but not a physical one.    


Why do we force our bodies to fit into impossible molds, and how do we deal with the reality that we cannot? Plastic surgery, photo editing, fad diets, starvation - aside from dramatic actions there are no natural miracle ways for women to achieve these plasto-humanistic ideals. Long hair, long legs and the ever-fluctuating bandwidth of skinny with curves to stick thin. Options are limited in how we define beauty on this superficial level. And superficiality, at this level, is what contemporary culture values. Disappointment is a natural part of life, and yet when it comes to the body, the seed was planted at infancy. Plastic Growth employs the visual language of growth in botany to critique the distemper of the perceived female disposition.

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