At what point do mistranslations for success become compulsions for a way of living? Here is what I am confused/captivated by - Is Kim Kardashian’s midriff a fashion trend for people who use an ab roller, or a door opener for full figured women? When Nic ki Minaj made her Anaconda video was she “owning it” or perpetuating it? While popular culture is digested through pocketable screens what does it mean to be inundated with projections of what success should look like? For women, success is portrayed as young, thin, white (enough) and hyper-sexualized. This is bullshit, and yet, we all partake in the charade we are presented with. In this installation, drab gif loops, which use the artist as a representation for the laywoman, pathetically stand in contrast to pseudo-homage paintings of America’s top women. Femme Fatale is looking at the hierarchies of video vs painting, low vs high, expectations vs reality.

© 2016 leslie vigeant