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a written examination 2010-2014

This body of work started in 2010 when I realized, for the first time, that my writing practice was no longer private. The writings in the five handmade booklets are a synthesis of illusions and realities, of the uncomfortably over conscious and the uncontrollable subconscious. These works and this installation explored concepts of reveal and conceal. What are we thinking that we are not showing? What do others see in us that we do not see in ourselves? And how do we deal with that cognizance?



I’m thinking about fantasy. Fantasy and reality and death. Not dragons and fairies but adolescent mental concoctions of what life would be. What love would be. What sex was. That is what this work is about. This sliding around in the space between my realities.


It was a flat pool of lake water, natural water. There was no concrete, and there were no edges to this pool of water. And at its farthest end, the water simply dropped into a fall that seemingly, and non aggressively, went on.


He was there too, the son, and he watched me swim. 

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